Let’s go to the zoo

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Is not it time you packed up your loved ones and headed to the zoo?

A day in the zoo is not only a fun way for the whole family to spend the day, but also a wonderful chance for you to educate your child about all kinds of stuff. There’s of course the obvious, like naming the various animals with your preschooler or studying the display signs with your school-age kid. Let us take a look at some other instruction opportunities.

If you’re taking a preschooler to the zoo, then speak to him about what seems the various animals make. Ask him what noise the fighter gets and then ask him to listen to the creature. Do not forget to praise him for how tightly he imitated a fighter’s call. Wildlife Removal Round Rock

Additionally, there are a lot of opportunities in the Zoo to talk about colours. What colour is your lion, how about the flamingo? You can even count the creatures with your child. Another idea is to speak with your preschooler about what a specific animal likes to eat. Some of his suggestions might be outright funny. My little cousin guessed that flamingos only ate cotton candy, because they were so pink.

To get a school-aged kid, the questions should obviously be a bit more challenging. Talk about where the creature originally came from. You can leave it in the continent, or examine the exhibit signs to determine which country exactly they came from and then ask your child what continent which nation is in, what the climate is like and how this specific animal has adapted to the climate. By way of example, a polar bear’s coat is white so that he blends in with the ice and snow.

You can also discuss the creature’s particular habitat and the way it had been recreated in the zoo. You can take a look at the chimpanzee display with your child and compare it to the woods in Africa that they originally came from.

Don’t forget to discuss the classification of these animals also. You may request a younger child whether a specific animal is a fish, a bird or a mammal and go into a bit more detail using an older kid. You will be surprised how much they’ve picked up in science class in college and will be happy to share with you.

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